Meaning of Golden Aura Explained

Meaning of Golden Aura Explained

The aura is a layered emanation of energy which extends from the physical body through all other bodies. The idea is how we have different bodies of different frequency of existence and manifestation within time. This means all these bodies exist simultaneously but only the physical body is typically visible. For those who do see auras, there is light and energy around the layers of energies surrounding our physical bodies. This is actually how we associate with more subtle forms of stimuli and information in our physical surroundings.

A golden aura typically indicates one of two occurrences. Either the heart is opening up or there is compassionate energy flowing in. Either way, deep compassion is involved, and golden light is typically associated with the Sun. However, there are many other associations to be considered. A golden aura is one in a state of generosity and protection, bringing forth peace and sanity rather than the terrible opposite. It represents full spiritual wealth and in most traditions is regarded as carrying a blessing from an enlightened deity or being.

When the aura is green or appears green to a reader, this generally means the person is in a state of healing and beginning to open or yield to the blooming of golden energy which is heliocentric and quite powerful. The green glow before the gold holds in accordance with all symbolism on the Tree of Life. Tiphareth is green with shining gold at the center, emanating through the green geometry of the heart.

The resulting aura light from the heart is a powerful and brilliant gold often associated with angelic forces or other beings of light. It all depends largely on the frame of reference and the method of belief association. Mathematically, gold is equivalent to the energy of the sun in full reflection and this topic gets into strange physics, but is valid. This is why gold has been used for thousands of years to symbolically represent the sun and the highest aspect of compassion for all beings.

Hence, you see golden statues of Buddhas because the nature is one of awakening and pervasive compassion with forgiveness for all misdeeds. In Sanskrit, the heart chakra is called “Anahata,” which means “the untouched.” This is representative of the infinite compassion of the heart. The heart does not judge. It does not struggle; it acts in accordance with change and flows with nature to continue life. This is the vibration of the golden aura glow and why it is golden. This is a reflection of the wealth of compassion in our very souls extended through both light and mind to appear as a golden aura.783a8b27269789-55d694bfda56c

It does not mean that a being is enlightened or special because they extend a golden aura. Most often, this is only a temporary energy within a being. However, when it persists, grows, and changes with the being themselves, it is likely you are dealing with one of a higher degree of spiritual evolution than most. You are facing a being which is strong and forgiving, loving and gentle, while also having the ability to tap into the mind of eternity. This is the real meaning of a persistent golden aura.

The Brilliant Power of Prose: Writer’s Passion

The Brilliant Power of Prose: Writer’s Passion

Words can be used for many things besides speaking.  When it comes to prose, words are placed together to form sentences delivering a meaning.  Put the sentences together in the proper fashion and the meaning expands, becomes more complex, and branches off to blossom new ideas, brought to life with more writing.  As there are many different styles of writing and countless purposes for which to write, words create a dynamic interaction to convey concepts and ideas in a manner that will be understandable and attractive to the reader.

In non-fiction writing, the concepts communicated are usually determined before writing begins and are limited to the facts of subject matter.  Articles of all kinds are short pieces of writing to educate the reader about a particular subject.  This too can be done with striking imagery conveyed in the prose, yet there is not as much freedom as there would be with creative writing intended to develop more abstract concepts.  Regardless of the type and style of writing used, it is a love of language that surpasses all skills.  Knowing the language of appealing prose is something which is only partially learned.  The real art of writing is an unfolding from the heart which has the ability to convey the tactile experiences of life itself.  For example:

As the leaves on the trees assume the colors of a new fall season, the light of the setting sun transforms into a reddish-gold lending a surreal quality to the land.  Fall is the eclipse of summer signaling the end of long, hot days and cravings for ice-cream.  It is the time of our years reminding us that all things come to an end and this natural truth is felt as cooling breezes flash goose-bumps on bare skin.   Thoughts of jackets and sweaters tucked away fill the mind with anticipation as the coming of a colder season marks the ends and beginnings of years.  Feel the luminous colors and soft chilly breezes that are the guise of fall’s presence.  Smell in the air the drying leaves and settling soil as scents of cut grass and flowers disappear.  Enjoy this transition and feel life. Welcome the new weather as you would invite an old friend for engaging conversation.

This is just a hint of what prose can achieve.  No matter how many degrees possessed, nor how skilled at business and advertorial writing one may be, it does not mean they can bring life to the language and appeal to the readers’ feelings and memories.  With any work of writing, it is of utmost importance to capture the attention of the reader, guiding them to pay attention and read through to the end.  The real question which should be asked of a writer is: Where does your passion for writing come from?  The answer should show that this passion is alive within you and can only be demonstrated by actual writing.  The answer itself is not nearly as important as its readability and believability.  One answer could look like this:

My passion for writing is the pulse of blood in my veins sounding quiet cadence with each beat of my heart.  It is every inhalation of air I breathe and myriad scents discovered in each living breath.  It is the interplay of all memories, joyous or tragic, neutral or only dimly recalled.  As all of my discursive thoughts merge together with this life I feel, an inspiration begins to shine in my nerves. Writing begins to flow from me and my heart follows with courage and love. This yields a certainty and confidence. I know the words to express the art my soul gives to me.

Regardless, writing is both a practice and an art. We, as writers are never truly finished with a project. However, at some point we must let go. Confidence helps and it is necessary. In conclusion, it is obvious how powerful prose can be. You can change minds, sell services and products, produce compelling stories, help others to polish their writing, and the list could go on. Simply consider the idea of “the pen is mightier than the sword” and start writing. Happy endings are well within grasp.

Writer’s Passion


Wonders of Words    

Wonders of Words    

         I was kindergarten then, 5 years old, when I asked my very first sensible yet striking question to my mom. She seemed to be jaw dropped and part of her head was like saying “Oh my, am I going to say it is magic?” She even stammered for a while perhaps because of thinking the best way she could come up with an explanation. And the very query I happened to ask “Mama, how I was made?”

            It is the nature of kids, especially those in ages three to nine years old to be completely curious of the things around them. Often times, they would pop out from nowhere and fire rare questions all about random things. Why do birds fly?  Why is the color of the sky blue? All the possible W and H questions may unexpectedly come out from their mouths. Well there are certain inquiries that elders may just blurt out instantly their answers, yet some are just so bizarre and even unimaginable but sensible that they often caught elders off guard.

             I remember so well my mom’s explanation in respond to my query. It was actually so brief that I’ve memorized it. Just like any other couple my mother and father were deeply in love with each other and they wished for a child. God, as He is so kind and loving, upon hearing this performed His abcadabra. For nine months, I stayed in my mother’s belly, even though I couldn’t even remember what it like was during my whole stay there. After that, I came out to meet the outside world. Prayer granted.

            The very explanation sounded effortless but realistic (at least back then when I was not into formal science discussions) at the instance I heard it. It even sank into my mind as it will always be. Yet what really made it acceptable to me is the way how my mom told me how it happened, she answered it just as what a completely oblivious child would expect an answer.

             Answering a child’s question is never an easy job. Elders perhaps would agree that it’s even easy to answer an old man’s queries about all the realities than responding to a child who is asking of how things work, because it needs ample time to formulate answers. Even more, it’s just so complicated.

              It is important that words used in the statement are simple. Well, when a four- year old kid ask her papa about why the humans are breathing it is definitely  comfortable to answer that it is God who made it possible than to tackle about different parts and systems of the body that is beyond the scope four- year old mind. By doing this, it is of convenience for the kids to settle with those temporary answers and later let them discover what really it is and how it really works when they hit their first formal science body parts school discussion. In this way, they now could relate the magic thing with the science based explanations.

            Children are fond of fantasies, and so associating the answers to things they can relate into is the best way to satisfy their inquisitive minds. They often find it easy to understand and at the same time interesting that it will further develop their curiosity and will lead them to ask more related questions. Let their creative and inquisitive minds wonder!

            Kids earn their every right asking almost all their queries about everything under the sun. They are kids and kids are always the effortless genius one will ever meet.  So, whenever a child pops out from nowhere and approaches you with his little mischievous smile don’t be scared. Just gather yourself and prepare for possible answers because you know too well what that smile means. He’s off to question you with one of his billions what, why, how, when and where questions. Indeed, they are just being themselves, they are genius !