Women And WhatsApp

You extracted her number from a certain WhatsApp group and in boxed her. Or maybe you ‘inboxed’ her in Facebook and due to your incessant pleas, she finally gave up and gave you her number. Or you may still have gotten it from one of her friends. She may also have given it to you personally.

Hello beautiful, you look awesome was your opening gambit. The next moment you were trans nighting chatting on WhatsApp and that’s how the relationship kicked off. Not that she has feelings for you, no, that’s the nature of women. They will even chat with their girlfriends, something which is rare about men. Quite a strange way of dating nowadays where relationships start just like bowel movements with no foundation. Before you know it, you are head-over-heals in love with each other. Not that you are the first one, she just added you to her presumably long list of boyfriends. You just got a share from her and if you are lucky enough, you get the largest share depending on the depth of your pocket of you or how beneficial you are to her, something she have not told you.

That’s or has been the nature of women. Men have been known to cheat and it said that this nature is inborn of them. This does not therefore mean that women have no other men in their lives apart from their partners. If having many partners at the same time is cheating, then women are the worst. The difference is only that these relationship are platonic, while men main objective of cheating is basically sex, women are different. They assigned different roles to the men in their lives.

There is this man who is her classmate and who is very smart. She will befriend this one for academic purposes. This is the one she will sought when doing assignments and also during exams to explain a certain mathematical concept she never understood, in class because presumably she was busy chatting WhatsApp with yet another man. This is the guy who she will make sure has gone through her assignments before handing over to the lecturer.

There is also this cute and tall guy whom she goes out with in the weekend. This is the one she will talk about when she is with her friends discussing their boyfriends. This one may not be that financially stable but his charms and humour just sweeps her off her feet. He’s such a good company to her.

There is also this guy who meets her needs. This one is settle and a bit older than her. She will turn to this one if her phone ‘accidentally drops in a pool of water and needs a repair’. He is the one who recharges her phone after she sends a ‘please call me message’. He is also the one who will send her expensive gifts during valentine and take her to expensive dinner in a classic hotel. This guy be even having a family but so long as he is catering for her financial needs, she doesn’t care.

A guy may neither posses none of afore mentioned characteristics but that doesn’t mean that he’s is useless to her. So long as he is not disabled. He will be the one whom she will call when the bulbs suddenly goes off or and she wants it replaced. He will also be responsible of repairing a leaking roof and delivering charcoal. When the gas cylinder goes empty, he is called to make arrangements on how it will be refilled. When her vehicle gets deflated in the middle of the highway, she calls him.

Women will have a way of naming all these men in in her phone book. For instance the last guy may be named something like ‘Mr Ranbeer’. However unlike men who may confuse and send a text to the ‘wrong’ guy, you will never find a woman doing that. She plays her cards well and you may never get to know about it. That’s how mysterious they are.

PS: It is a complete fiction.Any resemblance to any particular ‘woman’ should not be treated as offensive.

PPS: No Offence Meant. 😀


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