If you’d ask me how i like to spend my Sundays. I would probably tell you, that i lazily sit in my favorite couch with a coffee mug and of course a book. What is a book? Is it merely a bunch of pages telling a story? Perhaps there’s more to it. On a recent survey done it was found that more or less 62% of the youth preferred reading books to e-books. Stating reasons like they have a lot more emotional attachment with a physical book rather than with a new age kindle. Also interesting answers cropped up like; books actually help people judge one another in a way. A bookshelf does say a lot about an individual’s personal tastes and interests and as matter of fact books are also status symbols, you can’t really see what a person reads in their kindle.

In this generation of subtle technological advancements, where reading books from a tab or a kindle is supposedly the new cool why is it so that somewhere down the line the youth still have reservations when it comes to replacing books. If you judge by the looks of it, many are of the opinion, that eBooks are gaining popularity day by day mainly because of unhindered access and also most of the times it’s available for free. You don’t have to visit a store, wait for it’s grand arrival and neither do you have to pay. What makes it more attractive is the fact that eBooks can also be in various versions like audio books, video and animation, etc. With the evolution of eBooks, reading has become more interactive because once you’ve stepped on a digital platform, sharing becomes easier and inevitable. You can carry a whole library with you without bearing the weight of it.

Keeping all these advantages in mind and also addressing the question of whether eBooks have taken over books, perhaps even having such a debate will become futile after a point of time. We belong to this so called digital age and are in a period of transition where the new is constantly replacing the old. It’s certain that the technology of kindle is here to stay but in the same very way books can probably never go out of fashion, they new and the old can manage to co-exist.

It’s no longer about books versus eBooks. It’s about your likes and dislikes, what you choose. It is not unheard of that the youth of today is more interested in clicking selfies and listening to metal and books lie somewhere forgotten. Another part of reality is that books are still relevant things in our lives. I had somewhere come across a quote about how books are man’s best friends, the words still ring true. Books are more than a bunch of pages, they more than adorn your shelf, they mold you as an individual and does enlighten you every now and then. Reading a book is different experience altogether. Nothing can replace the smell of a new book or the yellow pages of a very old book which has passed many hands. Books are more alive unlike digital books which connect to a person on a very superficial level, books are more closer to one’s heart. On an irrelevant note i once remember getting stuck in an elevator, cursing my luck. It was only then that i understood the requirement of stairs. I can’t say what exactly i learned or if i had learned anything at all. But now that i think of it, is it really irrelevant?

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