Travel Pros And Cons(Part 1)

We have all encountered numerous problems while planning a trip, be it domestic or international.Right from finances, budget planning to unseen hitches that come our way, it has always been a stressful journey before a journey.

In today`s world, with over exposure to information, and access to a wide array of opportunities, things have become far too difficult for us.Things were simpler in the earlier days, before technology hit the travel boom.Agreed, there were always problems to be resolved, and things to be fixed, arranged and set, however all these were within our control, as it was always humans we had to deal with.Now, we have to cross the barrier of machines and technology.Although we have information to a variety of options, this at the click of a button,our mind has to disseminate the information, filter out the not so necessary information, go through reviews, and arrive at a decision.All this takes up a lot of our time, gives a lot of mental stress,and beats the whole purpose of enjoying travel, especially if it’s a vacation.Lots of efforts are put into arriving at a decision, resulting in mental stress.

Think of the scenario, 10 years back.You decide to go on a vacation,as against browsing through various websites today, all you did at the time was  visit a travel agent, he would give some tried and tested options,you would collect all brochures, take a day or two to think it over, come to your office, discuss with your colleagues, all would eagerly share their woes and experiences, and by the end of the day, while you are travelling back home, you would be clear in your head, as to what you really want to do.Once home, you discuss the shortlisted trips with your family members, and VOILA….you have made up your mind,all you do is call the agent and fix the deal.No looking back, that this was better or regrets that you could have selected something better.The better half at home also has access to fewer options,as was presented with already shortlisted places, and she is already busy with preparing for the trip, without giving another thought to different places, that could have been.There was an innate satisfaction to this decision, and less stress, more enjoyment.

Same scenario, today.You get ready to browse on websites such as “ make my trip”, “travel destination”, and few more, sacrificing your time and favorite TV shows.You are flooded with options and options and don`t know where to begin.There seems to be endless alternatives, and ultimately you have to pick and choose.The stress your mind has to go through, assimilating all the available information takes away from the enjoyment of planning a trip.Ultimately, you end up with a plan in hand, not too sure if it is right, because you mind is thinking of few other alternatives.Few times, you book some flights, then change your mind, cancellations are in order.What lingers in your mind, long after is the trip you would have liked,but can`t afford, the various combinations available, and besides this, the spent  on browsing, has resulted in a backlog of work to be accomplished before leaving for the vacation.

So this was about the woes, next we will touch upon the advantages of information available at the click of the button,and its role in ensuring we have the best deal, the satisfaction we get making all arrangements, in-spite of the time invested, and stress taken in decision making, as end justifies the means,as all in all the result is travel Waahs and Wows.

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