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Cakes And Celebration

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‘Prachu’ Ki Wedding ! :D (Part 2)

In every culture around the world wedding has a very special place as it revolves around the life of a couple about to tie the knot and the people closely related to them. To our understanding and experience Indian wedding is a very special one that not only bridges the two families and their cultures; but also creates a lifelong commitment. The best part is that it ushers to the culmination of a ceremony inculcating joy and woes.

People unaware of Indian wedding rituals and cultures may raise a question here. We therefore take this opportunity to make a brief study here.The bride and the groom are ethnically dressed in abundance of flowers, jeweleries and makeups. Relatives of both bride and groom throng at the venue of the wedding solemnization to witness the event. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Indian wedding is that the ceremony begins a few days ahead of the date of solemnization and ends after a few days from the date of the solemnization event.

The bride and the groom are blessed with ornaments, finest clothing and others. The most unusual part of an Indian wedding is that the bride passes through a transition that simultaneously brings tears and joy to her and it is visible in her eyes! Fear of losing the parent’s proximity and moving to the groom’s home (a completely new place) bring tears to her eyes. At the same time the opportunity of meeting with her beau brings happiness to her. Bride’s parents also pass through this phase of irony that brings tears and happiness to them.

For me, it represents emotions. Great emotions. Emotions of two families coming together. Emotions of two lives coming together. Emotions of a bride, leaving behind a life to start a beautiful journey.She laughs. She sings. She dances.For a second, let us leave behind all the extravaganzas and all the ‘over the top’ preparations behind and just focus on her smile. She radiates beauty, a colorful beauty that only an Indian bride can display.

 People around her watch her in awe. They say a woman is her most beautiful when she looks upon her child. I would say an Indian bride in her traditional outfit comes really close to that.She is the embodiment of a dream. A dream her parents shared. A dream every Indian has. The dream of seeing their daughter happily married. It’s probably even more important than seeing their sons successful.

The wedding, known as ‘Vivaah’ in Hindi, is in itself a celebration of grandeur. The concept of divorce is still alien in the Indian culture, and was quite rare a few decades ago. You were destined to marry once and that was it. Hence, the grand celebration. There’s an old saying we Indians have regarding this. There are only three days in a person’s life. The day she is born, the day she gets married, and the day she dies.

Traditional marriage celebrations last for as long as a week. There are all sorts of traditions that have to be followed. And although the groom is, theoretically, an equal partner in the wedding celebration, yet the attention is always centered at the bride. The beautiful bride.

Family, they say, is like a tree which never goes out of shade for you. Sailing through together in every storm, the family will never dodge your side. The relation with a mother never needed an introduction. Remember how she smiles even when you appreciate her cooking your favorite dish? With you owing most of your jumps on success ladder to her, she still gratifies your first cradling step in her heart. With memories of early morning coffee during your exams to blessings for your every small success, it is impeccable how this relation never fails to earn respect.

A father in any family is the reason one’s being, the walls of your bastion were made stronger by his sweat and blood for you. The sleepless nights of hard work and dedication were to ensure you the future you live in. From the first cricket match where he let you win to the strict coaching over the lessons of life, he being by your side gave you the confidence to embark on the journey you always wanted. Having siblings in the house is always a blessing. Those wild dreams and that notorious side of yours, could only be executed with them.  They know that sometimes only a mischief would bring a smile on your face.They stood by you when you gave up on your caliber, they slipped few extra money to you that made a lot of difference, they were there giving you tips on your first interview.The smile you hold today has his contribution too.

The celebrations are just an excuse to remind how important is the presence of family in one’s life. With they being by your edge, there is nothing in this world you can’t achieve.Marriages are true examples of a family bonding,love and commitment.It can only be seen in Indian weddings.

More to come in next post.I am the most  fickle-minded person on this planet.To know why, Wait until next post come.Happy Reading!



Relationship, The word itself ignites the feeling of connectivity and togetherness. It is a vital component of wellbeing and prosperity .Everyone needs someone who understands them, someone who stands beside them in time of need, supports them and helps them bloom.

Affection is a standout amongst the most significant feelings known not creatures. For some, sentimental connections are the most important component in their lives, giving a wellspring of satisfaction outside of ourselves. Be that as it may, the capacity to have a solid, adoring relationship is not all intrinsic. Fizzled connections happen, and the majority of us need to work deliberately to ace the abilities important to make them thrive. Relationship these days have lost their true meaning, back in the old days relationships were considered peaceful and matching compatibilities. Now all that it relates to is insecurities, ego, betrayal and intimacy.

Communication is a key part to building a sound relationship. The principal step is verifying you both need and expect the same things—being in agreement is imperative. The accompanying tips can help you make and keep up a sound relationship:

->Speak Up. In a sound relationship, if something is annoying you, it’s best to discuss it as opposed to holding it in.

->Regard Your Partner. Your accomplice’s wishes and emotions have esteem. Tell your life partner you are trying to   remember their thoughts. Common admiration is vital in keeping up sound connections.

->Bargain. Differences are a characteristic piece of sound connections; however it’s critical that you figure out how to trade  off on the off chance that you differ on something. Attempt to fathom clashes in a reasonable and objective way.

->Be Supportive. Offer consolation and support to your accomplice. Additionally, tell your accomplice when you require their backing. Sound connections are about building one another up, not putting one another down.

->Regard Each Other’s Privacy. Only in light of the fact that you’re seeing someone, mean you need to share everything and continually be as one.

Know what kills relationships? Expectations, they make people think the other person will do more for the individual and then build upon these thoughts which when not fulfilled leads to breakups. It’s like they say “Behind every successful man is a woman and “A woman is nothing without her man “. There is a reason this saying is so famous, it’s because it holds the importance of relationship in the life of the individuals. Relationships improve our background exponentially, particularly the connections we have with those nearest.

Without inquiry, the emotional wellness of all gatherings is the most critical component of a decent relationship. On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of gloom, uneasiness, shakiness or low self-regard, look for assistance from a well being proficient immediately, in light of the fact that its you, as well as your relationship, that will endure. You can’t generally control the stress throughout your life, yet for your connections to be compelling, attempt to keep anxiety to a base. Additionally, be understanding when others are experiencing an intense time. Somebody who loses her or his occupation, for instance,may act adversely for a little time.Anyway, thing sought to improve in the end.

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‘Prachu’ Ki Wedding ! :D (Part 1)

Before I start my write up let me make some points very clear to you :

1)It is a personal post.

2)It will long, elaborative and some may find it boring as well.

3)If you are an Indian you find it interesting. If you are not,you will find it more interesting.

4)No age group restrictions. Human beings will find it interesting and touching. Go for it –>

Family is a collective blanket that husks all that have outgrown and all that are still growing. It’s a body of system that constantly expands and nurtures its tenants. It’s a source of love, support, protection and sustenance. It’s a never ending saga, an adventure right from the abyss of our well preserved socio-cultural and ethical treasures. Our forefathers were kind enough to explore and share, insightful and moral building stories associated with its concept.

Right from the early dawn of civilization, family has always been a collective unit, where the past, present and future contribute for the greater good. The joint family system is highly revered and practised even today. All the generations within the joint family stay, work, eat and worship together. In a joint family, the father overlooks all the affairs of the house with an overbearing propaganda, a passive mother lulls away every ill-thought, that may break the family apart and children in all their exuberance do what they should and what they can to be a part of the family they were gifted at birth. Mutual respect, trust and communication with time and effort strengthen the resolve of a family. Support enriches gratefulness and furthers the chance of success. This encompassing love and respect builds moral and drives all members to be better. Finally, the feeling of accomplishment brings the family close together under a common belief system and i.e. “anythings possible as long as you have your family by your side”. There may be no such thing as a perfect family, but when you go hand in hand with the people that never make you feel alone, every moment becomes perfect.

The best moments are those when you spent time with your family. Listening and participating in matters that may require you insight, or your father’s wisdom, your mother’s compliance and co-operation from siblings. All in all if these moments bring smile to every one’s face, then those moments need to be cherished, recorded and remembered for years to come because family is the only thing that you turn to in crisis.

If I had to pick one person that has loved me in a remarkable way, it would have to be my sister she has always been there for me in every way possible. This makes me feel happy because I know that she really values my opinion as not only a sister, but a best friend as well. I’m so blessed to have a sister and a best-friend because she loves me for who I am, and always sticks up for me like sisters should. Blessed are those who have sisters. I have more than more than three.

To me, family means putting your arms around each other and being there in every situation of life, my family is god gift for me. We all belong to a family and it is our family that keeps us together through thick and thin. Without having a family, no person is complete and the completeness comes with good family bonding. A strong foundation for any individual comes from being with a supportive family.

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrate on earth. Marriages and Memories are incomplete if you are a part of nuclear family. I have always been a part of joint family. Unfortunately,my family is not on Face-book. Not a single person from my family background who can watch what crap I do on Face-book and other social media.  The reason why I keep certain things personal to me. College is over,things are over. I am Free, everyone is. Most of the the time I stalk people’s profile on Face-book and co-relate myself with people around me. I find it interesting and worth doing. It helps to enhance your self analysis skills. It teaches you a lot,not only to adjust yourself with the external world but also to develop your inter personal skills. People inspire you or they drain you,its unto you how you learn and grow accordingly. The girl in the pix is truly an inspiration. Unfortunately,I am a graduate(so-called :P) from batch 2010-2014.But still I follow her sayings and thoughts right from the beginning of my college,the use of “The Abhinav Jain” and “The Prachi Jain” and obviously “Love Stories” and many more similarities. Even if someone ask me how to be like,yes I want to be like her,name-fame-success, the perfect trio. She is my senior and I respect her a lot. This post is dedicated to her and for her better future. More to come in my next post. Wait until I stalk her other beautiful pictures from her portfolio.

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