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Travel Pros And Cons(Part 2)


Life has taken a pleasant turn with the advent of  technology. All those born in the nineties just cannot imagine booking tickets without internet. Think of a vacation and you immediately think if your internet is working fine.All you can think of is browsing through different links and get to the right combination of travel and hotel accommodation.One is spoil for choice.You have so many options that I simply weigh the pros and cons and soon arrive at a decision. If u think of it, a travel agent would not be able to provide you such variety. And whatever choice he provides, at the beck of your mind , you would try to analyse what’s in it for them.

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With internet access widely available, life has taken a 360 degree turn.It’s been made easy for us to select our destinations,hotel and flight bookings,all at the click of a button.Travel lite is a term coined appropriately for all who travel often.You want to know how to travel lite, just Google it.

If you are planning to stay with relatives or friends on a trip then one important tip is not to carry gifts physically simply browse through  some websites like eBay and Amazon, decide on an appropriate gift and get it delivered at the hosts address while you are there to pick it up. What a delight this us! You are saved the trouble of carrying it around.

It’s really a pleasure in today’s time to plan a trip, things are pretty easy, and you get loads of satisfaction.You also save on time and the hassle of transport.If today’s generation was told to book something manually without internet they would be confused and wouldn’t know how to go about this.

On a holiday? Can I go without any computer devices? Certainly not. WiFi is available or not is the first thing you check while browsing for hotel accommodation.What’s the next best thing to do on a trip. Memories is the key word. You want to click photos at every turn of events.You focus so much on photos, at times you have to be reminded to enjoy yourself. At the same time sharing photos keep you connected with your near and dear ones . So do ensure you capture the best moments have delightful Kodak Moments.

All in all its a pleasure to plan a trip and to have a memorable trip.An outing  helps you to get your disoriented mind back to work once you are back from a journey.

Have a Wonderful and Peaceful Journey !!