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Wonders of Words    

         I was kindergarten then, 5 years old, when I asked my very first sensible yet striking question to my mom. She seemed to be jaw dropped and part of her head was like saying “Oh my, am I going to say it is magic?” She even stammered for a while perhaps because of thinking the best way she could come up with an explanation. And the very query I happened to ask “Mama, how I was made?”

            It is the nature of kids, especially those in ages three to nine years old to be completely curious of the things around them. Often times, they would pop out from nowhere and fire rare questions all about random things. Why do birds fly?  Why is the color of the sky blue? All the possible W and H questions may unexpectedly come out from their mouths. Well there are certain inquiries that elders may just blurt out instantly their answers, yet some are just so bizarre and even unimaginable but sensible that they often caught elders off guard.

             I remember so well my mom’s explanation in respond to my query. It was actually so brief that I’ve memorized it. Just like any other couple my mother and father were deeply in love with each other and they wished for a child. God, as He is so kind and loving, upon hearing this performed His abcadabra. For nine months, I stayed in my mother’s belly, even though I couldn’t even remember what it like was during my whole stay there. After that, I came out to meet the outside world. Prayer granted.

            The very explanation sounded effortless but realistic (at least back then when I was not into formal science discussions) at the instance I heard it. It even sank into my mind as it will always be. Yet what really made it acceptable to me is the way how my mom told me how it happened, she answered it just as what a completely oblivious child would expect an answer.

             Answering a child’s question is never an easy job. Elders perhaps would agree that it’s even easy to answer an old man’s queries about all the realities than responding to a child who is asking of how things work, because it needs ample time to formulate answers. Even more, it’s just so complicated.

              It is important that words used in the statement are simple. Well, when a four- year old kid ask her papa about why the humans are breathing it is definitely  comfortable to answer that it is God who made it possible than to tackle about different parts and systems of the body that is beyond the scope four- year old mind. By doing this, it is of convenience for the kids to settle with those temporary answers and later let them discover what really it is and how it really works when they hit their first formal science body parts school discussion. In this way, they now could relate the magic thing with the science based explanations.

            Children are fond of fantasies, and so associating the answers to things they can relate into is the best way to satisfy their inquisitive minds. They often find it easy to understand and at the same time interesting that it will further develop their curiosity and will lead them to ask more related questions. Let their creative and inquisitive minds wonder!

            Kids earn their every right asking almost all their queries about everything under the sun. They are kids and kids are always the effortless genius one will ever meet.  So, whenever a child pops out from nowhere and approaches you with his little mischievous smile don’t be scared. Just gather yourself and prepare for possible answers because you know too well what that smile means. He’s off to question you with one of his billions what, why, how, when and where questions. Indeed, they are just being themselves, they are genius !

Valentines Day


The most romantic day of the year famously known as Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the feast of Saint Valentine. On February 14th Valentine’s Day is celebrated in honor of a Christian Saint named Valentinus. The celebration of Valentine’s day originated from several macrologies, the most famous of them is where Saint Valentinus of Rome served jail time and been executed on account of him performing marriages to soldiers who were forbidden to do so, but that is not the core of the story, during his imprisonment he is said to heal the jailer’s daughter and to leave her a farewell letter signing “Your Valentine”. This is the romantic saga of the Valentine’s Day. Though Valentine’s Day has a sad romantic roots, it is celebrated nothing as of a mourning celebration. It is a celebration of love and there can never be anything ugly in love.


During high middle ages Valentine’s Day is considered to be a day of a romantic setting for courtly love. While in 18th century England the day progresses to a point which the lovers are to express their love with flowers, confectioneries and greeting card, which were famously known as “valentines”. Europe has taken it up a notch presenting their beloved ones with keys of Saint Valentine, which is a romantic gesture of the key to one’s heart and is for the receiver of the key that it is unlocked. These keys were also given to children to ward of epilepsy, which was famously called St. Valentine’s Malady during the time. Hearts, doves and cupids symbolizes the modern day Valentine, greeting cards are a famous form of Valentine present since 19th century, which were started as hand written notes.


India had mythological roots in celebrating love, as adoring the god of love, Kamadeva was much in practice during a period of time, but in middle ages it was declined to a never existed tradition. Public display of love and sexual affection, what once was a common occurrence of were gradually come to be frowned upon and became increasing shunned until the late 1990’s.

The state of West Bengal has their own version of Valentine’s Day, the Saraswati Pooja, it is revered as their version of Valentine by the urban middle-class youth, the goddess Saraswati is worshipped during this celebration.

The actual Valentine’s Day did become admired or acknowledged until around the early 1990’s. Commercial media plays a vital part in popularizing Valentine’s Day, a notable participant is MTV. They broadcast various dedicated programs and conducted love related competitions to make Valentine’s Day well liked and fashionable. One could even say the informational technological advancements had led us be aware of this phenomenal celebration, which was beyond the bounds of possibility decades ago.

Despite its notorious raise to fame, Valentine’s Day is not well received by everyone one in India. Several religion based traditionalist considered the festive vibes of Valentine’s Day as cultural hemorrhage and as a degradation of moral values. Political setting has surrounded the occasion, often causing protests and sometimes drastic actions were used to shun public display of affection. Shiva Sena and Sangh Parivar are the political elites that are strong in the opposition for the Valentine’s Day.

There is a post-colonial perspective of criticism of the enthusiasm showed towards a western holiday. Valentine’s Day is often called as neocolonialism.

However, with all the opposition from the political elites, Valentine’s Day still grows in numbers of in being favored to it. The ratio of haters is deftly decreasing with the coming generations.


Indian youth having been brought up by repressed tradition, takes this day of love with unbridled enthusiasm. Valentine’s Day is most expected day for the Indian youth, it is getting popular in school culture too. Having a tight knit iron clad views on public display of affection, Valentine’s Day is yet celebrated secluded from family often. Yet, friends take an integral part in making this special day truly special. Decades ago even courtly love was unheard of in India, evolving from such a background, Valentine’s Day provides a setting for the shy and timid youngsters to express their feeling to their special ones. The day of celebration of love adds a tinge of romantic aroma in the atmosphere making the young lovers relaxed and comfortable for them to express themselves and be true to their feelings.

Media plays and integral part adding the bang to the bash, commercial media goes fanatical in Valentine’s Day with their dedicated shows and special programs. Often romantic themed movies are released on Valentine’s Day, adding celebrities into Valentine’s celebration mix. Radio’s often lets the callers dedicate love messages to their beloved, secret admirers often use this to express their inner feeling towards their loved ones.

Parks and beaches are packed on Valentine’s Day as its lush green and infinite sands give a sophisticated view while comfortably tucked into the warmth of their valentine.

Should we enjoy so much a foreign festival? Should we really embrace westernism? Is Valentine is culturally demeaning?

I ask you all one thing, should we classify love? It is what I got when I was born from my mother, my father gave it to me while he guided me growing into a fine young man, what my sisters gave me when I was admonished, admired and understood. Love is what I expect in my better half as the first and only requirement. It is what god and religion state, love yourself, love your people and love your world. If there is a day to celebrate this soul searching feeling that is worth fighting a war, I wish to be a part of it.

I humbly sign off quoting the most romantic of all time, Sir Shakespeare. “Come what sorrow can, It cannot countervail the exchange of joy, that one short minute gives me in her sight”


They met under
The sign, “Infinity.”
For blood flows
Down one line.

Their hearts held
Within divinity.
Heart waves follow
The sine.

Today two paths
Crossed proximally.
Where souls bleed
Universal time.

There was spark
Fired for brevity.
Under blanketing
Sapphire stars.

Here found heaven
Defying gravity.
As they embrace
Who they are.

Never tomorrow
Before nativity.
They who refuse
To fail their destiny.

Life Of Pi

About The Book:

Canadian fantasy The Life Of Pi was first published in 2001. The essence of the book revolves around the life of a protagonist Piscine Molitor alias Pi Patel. He’s a boy from Pondicherry, India who explores spirituality in his own way from an early age. He miraculously survived 227 days in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger called Richard Parker after his ship (in which he was travelling) met with an accident.

Pi, the son of a zookeeper, and his family boarded a Japanese cargo ship for travelling to North America along with their zoo animals. Despite meeting with the shipwreck Pi manages to stay alive with the 450-pound Bengal tiger Richard in the lifeboat while he was actually lost in the sea. Pi has enormous knowledge on animal behaviours and thus he finally reaches the Mexico coast alive with Richard. But, Richard flees to the jungle and never returns.

On his landing to the Mexican coast the Japanese authorities begin to question Pi about the mishap and how he managed to survive. Pi tells authorities the truth; but the Japanese officials decline to accept.

The most fascinating part of Pi’s character is that he’s an avid story lover. So, when the Japanese authorities appear non-believer in him, he then narrates another concocted story that the officials accept in view of its proximity to reality.

The book Life Of Pi is available both in paperback and hardcover edition. Hardcover edition dates back to 2007 while paperback is of 2003. The book is published by Harcourt, Inc. in Singapore. The UK edition of the book won Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 2002.

About The Author:

Yann Martel, a Spanish by birth, is the son of diplomats. He was born in 1963 and grew up in places like Canada, France, Costa Rica and Alaska. He graduated in philosophy and then stayed in places like Iran, India and Turkey. Before settling to earn from writing at the age of 27 years he did many odd jobs for living.

The Dreamy Reality

I am the Human
I am the Autopilot
I am the Zombie

Am I awake or asleep?

There is reality
There are dreams
Then there is the dreamy reality

I am speaking
I am listening
But there is no sound

I am walking
I am running
But I am going nowhere

I am loving
I am getting loved
But I don’t see any love marks

I am not sleepless
I am not fast asleep
Nor am I not fully awake
It just feels like a different state
Somewhere between sleep and awakening
Where there is dreamy reality.

Blurred Imagination

Imagine If suddenly
Trees develop heads
How would the world be like?
Apples would poison
The roots of oranges
Oranges would eat away
The fruits of mangoes
Men and animals would be endangered
They would be eaten away
Their skin peeled off and
Blood squeezed
Skins would form the garments
Bones would be the ornaments
And weapons to fight
Grapes would enjoy
The wine of men
Apple would merrily sing
A man a day keeps doctor away
Sliced pieces of men
Would be sold by Bananas
Eyes for a cent
Lips for two
Ears for three
Nose for four
Men would have kinds
Sweet, sour, spicy and salty
Forests would turn into battle fields
Fruits would enslave flowers
Flowers would seduce wealthy trees
Till left with no scent
Kings would be decided by
Number of fruits on the branches
Which of course, no one would get to eat
Jungles will have no rules at all
Jungle law would be
A thing of past
As would be silence.