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Wonders of Words    

         I was kindergarten then, 5 years old, when I asked my very first sensible yet striking question to my mom. She seemed to be jaw dropped and part of her head was like saying “Oh my, am I going to say it is magic?” She even stammered for a while perhaps because of thinking the best way she could come up with an explanation. And the very query I happened to ask “Mama, how I was made?”

            It is the nature of kids, especially those in ages three to nine years old to be completely curious of the things around them. Often times, they would pop out from nowhere and fire rare questions all about random things. Why do birds fly?  Why is the color of the sky blue? All the possible W and H questions may unexpectedly come out from their mouths. Well there are certain inquiries that elders may just blurt out instantly their answers, yet some are just so bizarre and even unimaginable but sensible that they often caught elders off guard.

             I remember so well my mom’s explanation in respond to my query. It was actually so brief that I’ve memorized it. Just like any other couple my mother and father were deeply in love with each other and they wished for a child. God, as He is so kind and loving, upon hearing this performed His abcadabra. For nine months, I stayed in my mother’s belly, even though I couldn’t even remember what it like was during my whole stay there. After that, I came out to meet the outside world. Prayer granted.

            The very explanation sounded effortless but realistic (at least back then when I was not into formal science discussions) at the instance I heard it. It even sank into my mind as it will always be. Yet what really made it acceptable to me is the way how my mom told me how it happened, she answered it just as what a completely oblivious child would expect an answer.

             Answering a child’s question is never an easy job. Elders perhaps would agree that it’s even easy to answer an old man’s queries about all the realities than responding to a child who is asking of how things work, because it needs ample time to formulate answers. Even more, it’s just so complicated.

              It is important that words used in the statement are simple. Well, when a four- year old kid ask her papa about why the humans are breathing it is definitely  comfortable to answer that it is God who made it possible than to tackle about different parts and systems of the body that is beyond the scope four- year old mind. By doing this, it is of convenience for the kids to settle with those temporary answers and later let them discover what really it is and how it really works when they hit their first formal science body parts school discussion. In this way, they now could relate the magic thing with the science based explanations.

            Children are fond of fantasies, and so associating the answers to things they can relate into is the best way to satisfy their inquisitive minds. They often find it easy to understand and at the same time interesting that it will further develop their curiosity and will lead them to ask more related questions. Let their creative and inquisitive minds wonder!

            Kids earn their every right asking almost all their queries about everything under the sun. They are kids and kids are always the effortless genius one will ever meet.  So, whenever a child pops out from nowhere and approaches you with his little mischievous smile don’t be scared. Just gather yourself and prepare for possible answers because you know too well what that smile means. He’s off to question you with one of his billions what, why, how, when and where questions. Indeed, they are just being themselves, they are genius !


Travel Pros And Cons(Part 2)


Life has taken a pleasant turn with the advent of  technology. All those born in the nineties just cannot imagine booking tickets without internet. Think of a vacation and you immediately think if your internet is working fine.All you can think of is browsing through different links and get to the right combination of travel and hotel accommodation.One is spoil for choice.You have so many options that I simply weigh the pros and cons and soon arrive at a decision. If u think of it, a travel agent would not be able to provide you such variety. And whatever choice he provides, at the beck of your mind , you would try to analyse what’s in it for them.

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With internet access widely available, life has taken a 360 degree turn.It’s been made easy for us to select our destinations,hotel and flight bookings,all at the click of a button.Travel lite is a term coined appropriately for all who travel often.You want to know how to travel lite, just Google it.

If you are planning to stay with relatives or friends on a trip then one important tip is not to carry gifts physically simply browse through  some websites like eBay and Amazon, decide on an appropriate gift and get it delivered at the hosts address while you are there to pick it up. What a delight this us! You are saved the trouble of carrying it around.

It’s really a pleasure in today’s time to plan a trip, things are pretty easy, and you get loads of satisfaction.You also save on time and the hassle of transport.If today’s generation was told to book something manually without internet they would be confused and wouldn’t know how to go about this.

On a holiday? Can I go without any computer devices? Certainly not. WiFi is available or not is the first thing you check while browsing for hotel accommodation.What’s the next best thing to do on a trip. Memories is the key word. You want to click photos at every turn of events.You focus so much on photos, at times you have to be reminded to enjoy yourself. At the same time sharing photos keep you connected with your near and dear ones . So do ensure you capture the best moments have delightful Kodak Moments.

All in all its a pleasure to plan a trip and to have a memorable trip.An outing  helps you to get your disoriented mind back to work once you are back from a journey.

Have a Wonderful and Peaceful Journey !!

Parental Involvement: Impact on a Child’s Education

Providing for a family is a challenging task in today’s world. Parents work long hours to pay bills and ensure that their children live a comfortable life. As a result, most parents return home tired and with little energy or time to follow up on their children’s educational progress. Some parents delegate all educational responsibilities to teachers. However, a child whose parents are supportive and involved in his or her education has a better chance of succeeding in school.

Firstly, children whose parents play a critical role in their education score higher grades than those whose parents play a passive role or are absent altogether. This is because active parents encourage their children to succeed in school. They aid their children to do their homework and help teachers to identify and solve difficulties encountered in their children’s education. They also help their children choose subjects and courses they can pursue with passion and excellence. The involvement of parents in the education of their child also influences teachers (Jeynes, 2011). Since instructors play a significant role in rating and grading a child, “a high degree of parental involvement likely influences how the teacher perceives and even grades the child” (Jeynes, 2011, p. 55). According to Chance (1997), providing teachers with feedback about a child’s attitude and well being can help the child achieve higher scores in IQ tests and vocabulary competence.

Secondly, children with supportive parents are more disciplined than those with unsupported parents.  It is easy for parents who follow up on their children’s school activities to identify weaknesses that may lead to indiscipline. They can then discuss such weaknesses with teachers and develop strategies and mechanisms to rectify the weaknesses. As a result, children with such parents are less likely to develop disorderly behaviors. Children with supportive parents are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol or to be suspended from school (Feuerstein, 2000). A study by Sui-Chu and Willms (1996) concluded that eighth graders whose parents were keen on their child’s schoolwork had reduced absenteeism and were less likely to drop out of school. Schools with many activities that require parental involvement report fewer incidences of violent or antisocial behavior (Connor, 2012).

Thirdly, the involvement of a parent in a child’s education increases the child’s self-esteem. A high self-esteem, in turn, improves the child’s general well being and their success in education (Feuerstein, 2000). Amsel (2013), who holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in sociology, wrote that limited parental involvement makes children feel unappreciated because there is no one to remind them that they are admirable, valuable and exciting. Children who feel unappreciated have negative thoughts and feelings about themselves (Amsel, 2013). This hampers the development of the children’s self-confidence and compromises their self-esteem (Amsel, 2013). Parents who want to improve their child’s esteem should not restrict their involvement to activities at school. Rather, “parental involvement in the education of children encompasses education-related activities both at home and school” (Onwughalu, 2011, p. 5). However, Amsel (2013) also warned parents that overindulgence in their child’s life may give the child little room to self-reflect and develop self-esteem.

In conclusion, involvement of parents in their children’s education improves the children’s chances of succeeding in school. Children with caring and involved parents score higher grades in school. This is evident from various studies that show students with supportive parents scoring high marks in tests. Such children have an elevated level of discipline and are less likely to engage in antisocial activities. Finally, the esteem of a child is dependent on his or her parent’s involvement in his or her life and education. This, in turn, affects the child’s performance in school. Thus, parents should strive to find time to follow up on their children’s education and collaborate with teachers to support and encourage their children.

Travel Pros And Cons(Part 1)

We have all encountered numerous problems while planning a trip, be it domestic or international.Right from finances, budget planning to unseen hitches that come our way, it has always been a stressful journey before a journey.

In today`s world, with over exposure to information, and access to a wide array of opportunities, things have become far too difficult for us.Things were simpler in the earlier days, before technology hit the travel boom.Agreed, there were always problems to be resolved, and things to be fixed, arranged and set, however all these were within our control, as it was always humans we had to deal with.Now, we have to cross the barrier of machines and technology.Although we have information to a variety of options, this at the click of a button,our mind has to disseminate the information, filter out the not so necessary information, go through reviews, and arrive at a decision.All this takes up a lot of our time, gives a lot of mental stress,and beats the whole purpose of enjoying travel, especially if it’s a vacation.Lots of efforts are put into arriving at a decision, resulting in mental stress.

Think of the scenario, 10 years back.You decide to go on a vacation,as against browsing through various websites today, all you did at the time was  visit a travel agent, he would give some tried and tested options,you would collect all brochures, take a day or two to think it over, come to your office, discuss with your colleagues, all would eagerly share their woes and experiences, and by the end of the day, while you are travelling back home, you would be clear in your head, as to what you really want to do.Once home, you discuss the shortlisted trips with your family members, and VOILA….you have made up your mind,all you do is call the agent and fix the deal.No looking back, that this was better or regrets that you could have selected something better.The better half at home also has access to fewer options,as was presented with already shortlisted places, and she is already busy with preparing for the trip, without giving another thought to different places, that could have been.There was an innate satisfaction to this decision, and less stress, more enjoyment.

Same scenario, today.You get ready to browse on websites such as “ make my trip”, “travel destination”, and few more, sacrificing your time and favorite TV shows.You are flooded with options and options and don`t know where to begin.There seems to be endless alternatives, and ultimately you have to pick and choose.The stress your mind has to go through, assimilating all the available information takes away from the enjoyment of planning a trip.Ultimately, you end up with a plan in hand, not too sure if it is right, because you mind is thinking of few other alternatives.Few times, you book some flights, then change your mind, cancellations are in order.What lingers in your mind, long after is the trip you would have liked,but can`t afford, the various combinations available, and besides this, the spent  on browsing, has resulted in a backlog of work to be accomplished before leaving for the vacation.

So this was about the woes, next we will touch upon the advantages of information available at the click of the button,and its role in ensuring we have the best deal, the satisfaction we get making all arrangements, in-spite of the time invested, and stress taken in decision making, as end justifies the means,as all in all the result is travel Waahs and Wows.


If you’d ask me how i like to spend my Sundays. I would probably tell you, that i lazily sit in my favorite couch with a coffee mug and of course a book. What is a book? Is it merely a bunch of pages telling a story? Perhaps there’s more to it. On a recent survey done it was found that more or less 62% of the youth preferred reading books to e-books. Stating reasons like they have a lot more emotional attachment with a physical book rather than with a new age kindle. Also interesting answers cropped up like; books actually help people judge one another in a way. A bookshelf does say a lot about an individual’s personal tastes and interests and as matter of fact books are also status symbols, you can’t really see what a person reads in their kindle.

In this generation of subtle technological advancements, where reading books from a tab or a kindle is supposedly the new cool why is it so that somewhere down the line the youth still have reservations when it comes to replacing books. If you judge by the looks of it, many are of the opinion, that eBooks are gaining popularity day by day mainly because of unhindered access and also most of the times it’s available for free. You don’t have to visit a store, wait for it’s grand arrival and neither do you have to pay. What makes it more attractive is the fact that eBooks can also be in various versions like audio books, video and animation, etc. With the evolution of eBooks, reading has become more interactive because once you’ve stepped on a digital platform, sharing becomes easier and inevitable. You can carry a whole library with you without bearing the weight of it.

Keeping all these advantages in mind and also addressing the question of whether eBooks have taken over books, perhaps even having such a debate will become futile after a point of time. We belong to this so called digital age and are in a period of transition where the new is constantly replacing the old. It’s certain that the technology of kindle is here to stay but in the same very way books can probably never go out of fashion, they new and the old can manage to co-exist.

It’s no longer about books versus eBooks. It’s about your likes and dislikes, what you choose. It is not unheard of that the youth of today is more interested in clicking selfies and listening to metal and books lie somewhere forgotten. Another part of reality is that books are still relevant things in our lives. I had somewhere come across a quote about how books are man’s best friends, the words still ring true. Books are more than a bunch of pages, they more than adorn your shelf, they mold you as an individual and does enlighten you every now and then. Reading a book is different experience altogether. Nothing can replace the smell of a new book or the yellow pages of a very old book which has passed many hands. Books are more alive unlike digital books which connect to a person on a very superficial level, books are more closer to one’s heart. On an irrelevant note i once remember getting stuck in an elevator, cursing my luck. It was only then that i understood the requirement of stairs. I can’t say what exactly i learned or if i had learned anything at all. But now that i think of it, is it really irrelevant?