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Wonders of Words    

         I was kindergarten then, 5 years old, when I asked my very first sensible yet striking question to my mom. She seemed to be jaw dropped and part of her head was like saying “Oh my, am I going to say it is magic?” She even stammered for a while perhaps because of thinking the best way she could come up with an explanation. And the very query I happened to ask “Mama, how I was made?”

            It is the nature of kids, especially those in ages three to nine years old to be completely curious of the things around them. Often times, they would pop out from nowhere and fire rare questions all about random things. Why do birds fly?  Why is the color of the sky blue? All the possible W and H questions may unexpectedly come out from their mouths. Well there are certain inquiries that elders may just blurt out instantly their answers, yet some are just so bizarre and even unimaginable but sensible that they often caught elders off guard.

             I remember so well my mom’s explanation in respond to my query. It was actually so brief that I’ve memorized it. Just like any other couple my mother and father were deeply in love with each other and they wished for a child. God, as He is so kind and loving, upon hearing this performed His abcadabra. For nine months, I stayed in my mother’s belly, even though I couldn’t even remember what it like was during my whole stay there. After that, I came out to meet the outside world. Prayer granted.

            The very explanation sounded effortless but realistic (at least back then when I was not into formal science discussions) at the instance I heard it. It even sank into my mind as it will always be. Yet what really made it acceptable to me is the way how my mom told me how it happened, she answered it just as what a completely oblivious child would expect an answer.

             Answering a child’s question is never an easy job. Elders perhaps would agree that it’s even easy to answer an old man’s queries about all the realities than responding to a child who is asking of how things work, because it needs ample time to formulate answers. Even more, it’s just so complicated.

              It is important that words used in the statement are simple. Well, when a four- year old kid ask her papa about why the humans are breathing it is definitely  comfortable to answer that it is God who made it possible than to tackle about different parts and systems of the body that is beyond the scope four- year old mind. By doing this, it is of convenience for the kids to settle with those temporary answers and later let them discover what really it is and how it really works when they hit their first formal science body parts school discussion. In this way, they now could relate the magic thing with the science based explanations.

            Children are fond of fantasies, and so associating the answers to things they can relate into is the best way to satisfy their inquisitive minds. They often find it easy to understand and at the same time interesting that it will further develop their curiosity and will lead them to ask more related questions. Let their creative and inquisitive minds wonder!

            Kids earn their every right asking almost all their queries about everything under the sun. They are kids and kids are always the effortless genius one will ever meet.  So, whenever a child pops out from nowhere and approaches you with his little mischievous smile don’t be scared. Just gather yourself and prepare for possible answers because you know too well what that smile means. He’s off to question you with one of his billions what, why, how, when and where questions. Indeed, they are just being themselves, they are genius !

That inky incident with my Sister

“Sometimes having a sister is even better than having a Superhero. This lovely quote describes the most entertaining relationship in my life is with my sister who is younger  to me, not just in age but in every single sense. So, I thought, I could just express few incidents and experiences which I cherish and would love to share about as well.

There are good and bad phases we go across when we are growing up and when we are dealing with our relations with our closed ones. I have experienced it too, with my sister. We use to fight like cats and dogs every day where we actually hated each other for a while, and now when we fight, it’s out of love and that fun element to spice up our relation and which brings each other more close as you end up laughing together.

At the age of primary and secondary schooling, we never ever had been along well because every difference between us was a major issue to fight and argue. What we always did was, fighting over TV remotes, sharing food and chocolates and those small things, which doesn’t matter today. The change is normal, the fights are normal. Every family has brother-sister bullying and teasing relation but has a brighter side as well. We did not understand and had mutual understanding for each other back then but yes, whatever good part we shared, it’s cherishing and sweet. So here it goes a story about one incident we had –

I was busy doing my homework and so was she busy with his respective work. Our parents were not at home and we were instructed to take care of the house. My sister has a habit of scribing “X” on any exposed body part (especially hands and forearms and we call it “jolly game”, don’t know what it mean) and making various marks for fun. Suddenly, she scribed over my hands an “X” with his black ball pen followed by various untidy black strokes. It seemed such an embarrassing mark and felt very annoying, which heated up a war. I tried to return the favour with bigger mark and ran after her  for so. Accidentally, it scribes so bad and so deep in his skin that it swelled up with little blood. So, when you know you have hurt your sibling and she is going to be tremendously ferocious, you should simply LEAVE!

I ran and got back to my work innocently. And she angrily came into the room and started being violent and beating each other, screaming at each other, and pouncing over each other. Nobody is ready to say sorry and she in anger just took my pen and broke it into two pieces so badly that even the refill of the pen was broke. And now, the twist was, we realized that all the ink was sprinkled on the clean white wall of our room like an artist spraying his colours over canvas.

We both exchanged looks, we both were silent, and we forgot all the fights and arguments and just ran over bathroom sink to get some soap and water because if mom gets a hint about the wall, we knew we both will land up in ultimate trouble and immense scolding for such a noble deed. Just 5 seconds earlier we were beating each other and few drops of sprinkled ink UNITED us! My sister  told me that wiping wall with soap on scrubber will be easy to clean.

We started coordinating with each other and washing the wall with so much effort and most importantly, with the fear of mom’s grudges and scolding. My sister just got some soap on scrubber and tried to clean a small ink bloat. And guess what? It spread out immensely like the wings of eagle and looked scarier to clean.The black waterproof ink was so hard to clean on white wall that we ended up bleaching the wall as we rubbed it so hard with a utensil washing soap. And, the best part was – you could see the stroke of the scrubber as the black highlights of ink which was just impossible to clean. We ended up doing the “best wash” ever we could and we made it look fairly strange, with wall bleached and few untidy adamant drops of ink and some strokes as well !!

As we grew up, we laughed and made jokes about it. But as time flew, we both have turned helping hands for each other. What parents would not understand, a sibling does, and so is my sister!

And few words that I have to say, whom even others could relate for their siblings – “That you hold a special place in my heart and we have enjoyed good times together. We fight, probably because we are just alike! Somehow, because of time or mood I have never expressed my feelings about you as we have never been so personal and expressive about each other and something that restricted me to say, but I want you to know that I love you. Our journey through life may take us apart but neither distance nor time will fade away the relation we share. We share a relation of blood but we are friends out of love.”

Shri Yantra :- “All you need to know about this sacred geometry”

Yantra or amulet is a geometrical diagram, which represents the entire universe. Yantras are used for meditation and worshipping of deity. Yantra can be a two or three dimensional object. In Hinduism there are mainly 6 types of Yantras and each Yantra has inscribed seed mantra and hence they are considered as powerful as verbal mantras.

The Yantra is made of metal or stone, for Shri Yantra it is said that it gives more effect, when embossed on the bark tree leaf. It is then purified at the sacred place. Then it is used for worshipping. It is treated as a visual impression of the unseen deity.

The famous Shri Yantra, which is of goddess Lakshmi has nine intersecting isosceles triangles of various sizes. There are four upward triangles, which represents the power of Lord Shiva, the male power and five downward triangles which represent female power “Shakti” . This Yantra has basically 9 segments which are:

1) One dot: It is like a central power point from which the entire universe and the cosmos is evolved.

2) Triangle: The three angles of  a triangle represents Poornagiri, Kamroopa and Jalandhar Peetha.

3) Eight goddesses and Vasukona: Eight goddess control eight traits Vashini controls heat, Mohini controls misery, Jamini controls Sattva, Vimla controls desire, Kameshwari controls comfort, Deviye controls cold, Kaulini controls Tamas and Sarveshwari Devi controls Ragas.

4) Ten Triangles: Ten triangles also represent ten goddesses

5) Ten Triangles: Each triangle represents a deity or God or Sarvagya.

6) One circle: This circle has 14 triangles, and these triangles represent 14 blood vessels of the human body.

7) Eight Lotus Petals: Each petal represents eight intellects

8) Sixteen Petals: Sixteen petals in a circle represent intellect, sound, touch, heart, memory, perseverance, fame, subtle body and ethereal body.

9) A circle: With the help of this circle, other triangles take their shapes.

So, in total there are 43 triangles in Shri Yantra, which again forms 108 triangles. All centrally located upward triangles are dominated by Lord Shiva, and downward triangles are dominated by goddess Lakshmi or Shakti.

Shri Yantra is a very famous and most fruitful Yantra, among all 272 types of Yantra. According to ‘Yamal’ treatise  if a person only looks at the Yantra everyday, then he may attain many benefits.

According to the treaty, bathing countless times can not be that much more effective, but looking at the Yantra can be very much effective and can give the best result to the aspirant.Shri Yantra, which is a goddess Lakshmi Yantra, is a mean to gain wealth. If the Yantra is worshipped properly, as per the written procedures in trinities, then the aspirant can gain immense  treasure, luxuries, wealth and fame. Having this Yantra at home and worshipping it daily can give best result and everyone must have two Shri Yantras. One for home and one for work place. All worldly desires can be fulfilled by
worshipping it.

Voices In His Head(Part 1)

The voices in his head were very distinctive. He could hear them as clearly as if they came from one standing right next to him. They were so loud that he had to cover both of his ears. It was terrifying for him to hear what it is they were saying to him. Clear instructions of how he was to take his life. It was bad enough that those around him did not believe anything he told them. Right from the time he had first heard the voices and told his family and friends what it was he was hearing they had all taken it as some sort of a joke.

Yet Paul was so certain that there were people that were communicating to him in his mind. Sometimes the voices were calm and talked to him in normal tones. But at other times they shouted so loudly that he had to shut them off by tightly placing his hands over ears.

At other times he found humor in what it was the voices said. There was even a time when he had heard them hold a very funny discussion and he had found himself unable to hold back laughter. Only when he was bent over laughing so hard had it occurred to him that those around him did not share the joke with him.

He had decided then that it must have been meant for just him to laugh at.Paul would wake up sometimes to hear whispers around him in the dark of the night. At such times he would hold his breath and pretend to be asleep so that he would listen to what it was that was being said about him.It was funny how these voices always talked about him when not addressing him directly. They seemed to be obsessed with him and his past especially. At times they would discuss some embarrassing incidents in his childhood and would taunt him till he begged them to stop.

One time he had woken up to hear an ongoing discussion about his relationship with his parents. He had heard the voices say that they were not his real parents as he was adopted. They had gone on to say how that explained the fact that he could not get along well with them as they viewed him differently from their other children.

This had changed his relationship with his folks as from then he had decided to be more careful around them. It seemed the voices were always warning him of imminent danger thus he regarded them as his good friends.They had even gone ahead to tell him how the people who claimed to be his friends did not have good intentions towards him. They only wanted to find a way to get him killed they said.

And so he had become detached from many of his friends because either way none of them seemed to understand what was going on in his life. On the contrary the voices seemed to always be on the lookout for him. Thus he had got to trust them and to take everything that they said to him as Gospel truth.

The instructions on how he was going to take his life seemed a little difficult for him to perform. He thought out every detail of that which he was supposed to do. It brought terror to his mind but then the voices kept reassuring him that it was the only way he was going to find peace from the ones that kept pursuing him in life.

They had even gone ahead to describe in detail how life would be on the other side for him.No more would he have to look over his shoulder in fear of people keen on attacking him. If there was anything he longed for it was peace of mind. He wished that he would just live a life with no threats from those around him. He longed to find people who genuinely loved him unlike his parents who he had gathered were not genuine at all. He wished that his siblings were not as conniving as the voices confirmed. It seemed to him that all those around him were all after him and if what the voices said was true then he found no meaning staying around such mean people.

He would take a chance at the happiness they promised him. The voices said that life would be perfect on the other side. With no threats to him and surrounded by people that genuinely cared about him he figured that life must be better on that other side. The journey to that other side would begin by following the clear instructions that the friendly voices had issued out.

He needed to find courage to walk right into the path of a moving truck.He must not fail on this mission, the voices had said. He was to stand by the road side, pretend that he meant to cross over to the other side and on seeing a huge struck he was to walk right into the highway in its way.Not to worry as the voices would be right there with him and would nudge him on at the right time.He had spent the day before going over the details to executing the plan.

So engrossed was he that he had not even found time to get out of his room that day preferring to stay in and hold numerous conversations with the voices. At one point he had even enquired if there was going to be any pain involved but the voices reassured him that the transition would be so fast it would be over before he knew it. He considered this as very worthy advice coming from them.

He stood by the huge highway with others waiting to cross to the other side. Everyone else was bent on getting across safely. But he was on the lookout for a huge truck that would come shuttling down and help him get to his destiny on the other side. He was well prepared for the journey too.It had been quite a while standing there but he patiently waited to hear the voices give him the go ahead. At last he heard them. On looking up he saw the huge truck coming downhill fast. The voices seemed to be outdoing each other telling him to walk across the road. They were so loud he did not even think about it but did just what it was the bid him do.

Behind the wheel of the new truck was an elderly man on his way to deliver some urgent goods. He was behind on time but this new baby would get him there on time.He was enjoying driving it as he sang along to some country music from the stereo. It was while going downhill that he saw him. The young man seemed intent on making it to the other side of the highway for he suddenly sprang onto the road without warning.

The truck driver braked and missed running him over by inches.Paul woke up to hear familiar voices hurling abuses at him. How could he fail after all the instructions they had offered him? What had been so difficult for him to do?

They kept shouting at him and he made several attempts to offer answers. None of his answers seemed to make sense to them and they continued chastising him on his lack of commitment to finding happiness on the other side.The truck driver stood over Paul with several other people who had seen the young man walk right into the way of the oncoming traffic.

He like others tried to make sense of what it was that had led the young man to make such a grave move. In his experience the driver thought that the young man lying sprawled out on the ground was not of sound mind. He wondered what it was that bothered him to the extent of wanting to take his life. He was overcome with pity for the young lad and decided to get him help.Hurling him to the passenger seat beside him was easy as the lad seemed to be in a daze oblivious of all that was going on around him.

As he restarted the engine with his new passenger, he knew that this was not an easy task he had taken on himself. But he just had to make those deliveries first and then he would take time to come up with a way to helping the young lad snap out of whatever it was that bound him. It was not a mere coincidence that he carried in his truck foodstuff that would feed hundreds of mental patients at the hospital.

He was going to mention the incident to the head Doctor there and see if he might figure out how to help the young lad.It was the kind face of a stranger that looked back at him.Lying stretched out on a hospital bed Paul had been holding a deep conversation with the voices.

The truck driver and the Doctor had watched him wrestle unseen people and heard him shouting back at the voices. It was when he came to his senses that he found the two looking down at him as he lay on the hospital bed.He hoped that he had somehow made it to the other side and would find peace at last. He was almost sure he was in the right place.