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A walk with Adam

In the cool light of day
God went for a walk
and the snake
who had legs then
This was before the arrival of Eve
and man could commune with spirit and animal
and they talked
of world politics
and other things
as three males will talk
They even stopped by an apple tree
and ate some apples
the snake shook down
and Adam enjoyed
while God laughed
This is one story
to which no moral

Happy Ending

You came from far away
to become a flame
and consume me
I have no idea
why such a thing
happened and has not
passed me by
I stand mute witness
to my own
What end to this story?
Make it end well
by writing it first
Oh, longed for
Happy Ending!
The one that never seems possible
or may not ever come to be.

Doomed Art

When you were going mad
what was it like?
And all those years that came after?
So much of a gift
and life wasted?
Yet you also live on
in your work and more in a tribute
and through
others’ fascination
with you and your works.
Doomed art, doomed artist –
stop exerting your wild call on me!
I do not wish to be
at the cost of my sanity.